Monday, December 30, 2013

Privacy Matters

“Privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be”
This is the Christmas message sent to the public by the anti-mass surveillance advocate Edward Snowden.
There are things in life we keep as personal. Even our young sister doesn’t even know it. These are the things we keep private and we don’t want to be discovered by anyone, to be known, to be touched or to be disturbed.
Snowden’s advocacy is all about privacy and his strong stand against mass surveillance done by the intelligence arm of the government.
Upon reading the news, I felt a little bit conscious if there’s an eye secretly watching over me. If it had seen me whenever I take a bath, go to the rest room, or even inside my room.
Snowden is right for opposing this unlawful activity of the government. It is evidently an invasion of our privacy and is an invasion of our personal life. And this is a clear violation of human rights.
However, that’s not my real point in this article. I like to emphasize the point on what he said about privacy.
It reminded me of what my friend said to me a long time ago, he said that our true self comes out when we are alone, when no one sees us, when we are free from critic, when we have privacy.

It made me think of what I do whenever I am lonely. But then, I will never tackle it here on my paper. It is quite personal and that is my privacy. I pray the mass surveillance doesn’t see it. But God primarily knows it.  

Uncovering Boyce Avenue

Once you find the sound that fits you, then try to be good at it.”
This was spelled by Alejandro Manzano, the main vocal of the boy group Boyce Avenue to an interview with The Philippine Star.
It was a season when I am really immersed with the song covers of the band. I love the voice of Alejandro as he sings his own rendition of popular songs from various artists from different variety of genres.
His voice is indeed diverse as he put an additional color to those songs. He made it appear like original compositions. He almost equaled the song versions of its trendsetters.
They made versions of songs from Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Christina Aguillera, Lady Antebellum, Bryan Adams, Adele, Demi Lovato, Cher Lloyd, and etc.
In spite of the fame of those artists whom song he used, their records hit something phenomenal on YouTube.
However, as what he said in the same interview, “Be yourself.” And it is true; they show their own group in their songs. They gave it different perspectives, different styles and a different presentation.
His voice will always be regarded as a trademark for Boyce Avenue and not just a mere imitation.

The band made it successful to establish their identity on the wide public. Their music is the sound that fits me, their beat with a strong personality and their melody with utmost originality.

The Value of Reflection

“We all need to get the balance right between action and reflection.”
I was caught by the news about the Christmas message of Queen Elizabeth II to her monarchy.
Queen Elizabeth II had said that before or after every action we are going to undertake, we need to take equal bit of reflection.
These days, along with my comeback to the heart of worship, I bring back my daily devotion.
These devotion is a daily journal where I put the messages I am receiving from God daily, meditate it like a chewing gum and look for a way of how I can apply it.
It is either to reminisce the past or to prepare for the future thing.
I had been doing this devotion for almost three years (even inconsistent) and it’s a good fact that it had helped me a lot on different means.
As what had been said by my mentor, I must fear to go out leaving my daily devotion undone, it might have warn me of the things that might happen. And because I did not first do it before anything else, something bad may have just happen to me.
It is really good to have a reflection of everything that had happened and will occur on us. It makes us healthy, it enhanced us. This serves as our personal analysis of our self.
We may not have the power to change the stuffs in the past but we can have a guide on how we are going to decide for the future.

I’m blessed that I have my journal.

Coming Back to the Heart of Worship

“I'm coming back to the heart of worship
And it's all about you
It's all about you, Jesus
I'm sorry Lord for the things I've made it
When it's all about you
It's all about you, Jesus”

Says the chorus of one of my favorite gospel song, “Heart of Worship”, the song of my life.
It has been two years when I leave the church where I started, who introduced me of Jesus Christ, of where I first encounter Him face to face.
And this day, December 22, 2013, I came back to my home, to the heart of worship, Power of God Fellowship of Bulacan.
I’m so excited to see again its old façade, the pulpit, the altar, my favorite chair, and even the rest room. And yes, I had also missed to wake up that early every Sunday.
Inside the two years that I decided to quit attending the church to focus on my studies, I know God had always been there to remind me to give Sunday to Him. But on all of those calls, I do not answer, I played like a deaf, like a dumb, until this very day.
It was just a pedicab away from my home place, and as the mechanical vehicle paced through the cement, coming closer to the heart of worship, my heart wants to jump, to express exceeding joy. All memories flash- backed on me. I can’t get rid of frequent smiling.
It’s nice to be back to the heart of worship and I’ll promise to be back again.

Peripeteia: My 2013 Year-end Review

A peripeteia may just comprise three lines to two paragraphs in a short story. In real life, it may take one year to happen.
This is the turning point of a story and this 2013 is my peripeteia.
From being a senior student to a freshman, from high school to the collegiate level, from Valenzuela to Manila, from a studious person to a wild one, from defeat to success, from depression to happiness and from being lost to being found.
Indeed, this year is where some of the greatest shifts in my life had happened.
The first three months of the year are the last three months of my stay in my high school alma mater. In that span of time, I had experienced extreme frustration and depression due to lots of problem that struck me; family, teachers, classmates, academics, church, issues in the student council and even to my honors. It had been a stressful ending for me but it ended happily as I graduated with honors but not with the level they all expect.
But I try to forget all those stuffs, for the sake of my graduation, that must be memorable for me and my classmates.
I just set my mind that as I leave that school, I will live a new life and will put all the bad memories to the closet where I put all the stuffs I don’t want to harbor all throughout my life.
And the two months vacation is just enough to prepare myself for a great change, for the peripeteia to occur. And this is when I enter the tertiary level.
When June had come, I tried my best to be new, for the new world where I will engage myself, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
And it’s a great relief for me. I became successful to live a new life with my new classmates, my new school, my new peers, the new house where I will stay, and to the new track that I had take.
I triumphantly escaped the nightmares of my past. I am rest assured that those nightmares will always be just nightmares. I am now facing the dawn of my dreams.
I’m confident now. I love this turning point.
I may have encountered struggles and hurdles along this new path, but I’m confident because the greatest peripeteia I have is when I was found when I was lost. I reencountered God and recommitted my life to my strength, to my cornerstone along the junction.
And as I approach the year 2014, the story I have is just waiting and continuously succeeding toward the climax. It might not be next year but I know that I’m on the right path towards it. I feel it.

Now that from being lost in the vast jungle the Lord has found me, I am full of hope, I will never more go astray.

The Blessed One

I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”
Acts 20:35

Last Christmas, God gave me this wonderful instruction for me to get blessed. We can get more blessing when we give out our treasure rather than collect it. Sound confusing. But, how come that we can gain when actually, we lose things?
But God, the provider, assured me that whenever there are chances, offer things to the people who need it, somewhat like sacrificial giving.
More often, this is not what we aren’t in favor of. We just want to receive things, to accept, to have. That’s what we all want. We don’t want to lose, to give, to yield and to sacrifice.
But in order to be blessed, God had given us the key. And this is simply, to give.
It could be hard but it’s the way to have what we desire.
This is the same way as how Jesus was glorified when He give his life for the good of all.

Give love on Christmas day! And you’ll be blessed by the God who provides. 

Damn this Writer’s Block!

I want to write but I can’t
I need to write but I won’t.

As I try to accomplish our journalism professor’s bombardment of myriads of writing home works to pass when we come back the next year, it is indeed really hard to resist the nature of every writer, to walk against the flow, to fight against the will of my flesh.
Writers are naturally-born lazy and dumb. Writer’s block is a real ill that drives off writer from writing. Even how great are the ideas that overflow from your fountain of thoughts, if it clout, no one can escape.
It is the writing attitude that George Orwell had tackled in his article “Why I Write”. But how can we get rid of this pandemic disease? Is there a certain medication?
Orwell also stated that a writer will not undertake something without a demon that will motivate and will urge him to continue what he has started. Motivation may vary, may battle from itself and may differ in terms of intensity.
This motivation could be the key to revive a writer from the attack of this malady. And the only way to ease, if may not be eradicated totally, this epidemic between writers is to know their motivation for writing.
I may urge myself to write to aim for a “Uno” from my journalism professor, but what if I need to write and it’s not for the grade, can I write that fine? Indeed, motivating yourself to gain something from your critic is merely wrong.
Orwell stated in his write-up that he writes because of four great motives and these are: (1) to show/ express his inner self, (2) to write something beautiful, (3) to show his political bias and to influence people and lastly, (4) to document something through his writings.
Orwell gives us something true. For writers to write with delight he/she must write with a clear motivation and the writer must allot a time to know what to inspire him first before turning on his pen and paper.
We need inspiration because writing is merely a boring activity. Writer’s block is our nature and it requires deep meditation for us to search for this inspiration.
Be inspired! That’s the key.

Let us altogether damn this writer’s block.

Beyond the Twilight

“But if one walks in the night, he stumbles, because the light is not in him.”
How hard it is to walk without a light that will prod you the right direction? How difficult it is to choose which of the path you are going to stepped on? How ambiguous is our vision without a torch to light up our way?
It takes one to admit that without this light, we cannot do anything. We, therefore, are nothing. We can’t stand on our fear that someone could’ve stab us from anywhere. We can’t walk on our intuition that we will fall from a slit or slide from a high pitfall, or else, we do not know where to go.
But most of the time, the absence is not external, it’s definitely internal. We don’t even know that we haven’t had the light to see what we need to see. We don’t even know that we are totally blind.
And blind people don’t even know that they are blind.
But how these people could see again? How can they have the light to bring back their vision? What can be the key?
There is no other way than by believing to Jesus Christ. He is the light of the world. Whoever that follows Him shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life, says of the Lord.
Living without the light is like living in the darkness. And it has been our nature to live with it. We love darkness and everything inside of it. There is where the things we thought are important to us, the things we can’t imagine we can’t live without, the finest stuffs offered by the world. Our vices, lusts, romance, addiction, crime and worldly priorities, this is our nature and we are used to it.
That’s why it has been very hard for us to have the light, Jesus Christ. That is because we want those things in the darkness. We can’t surrender it to Him, we can’t leave it.
In order to see again, to have the light, to have the vision on which path to take, the proper discernment for the right direction and to be exact with our life’s decision, we must leave darkness, leave all the things inside of it and go to the light, near Him that will fade out our blindness.
And again, it will be very hard because we are entirely resisting our nature. And it’s hard to renew, to restart and to be born again.
But we need it. Darkness never lead us to something good, it is a pitfall, leading us to a world of punishment and eternal damnation. We need the light, though full of sacrifices and hardships, will lead us to eternal glorification, blessing and utmost delightment.
Yes, delightment. It is the joy we can never found in the darkness. It may offer us the very things we want n life but the light gives us the things we never expect, it’s more than of what we want and no one could have successfully discern what is it.
And this is the first step to salvation, to choose from darkness and light, from blindness and clearness of vision, from eternal damnation and eternal life. It’s a matter of choice.
But however, it is God who permits whom to enter His kingdom and it could be you.
Live a life beyond the twilight.
“A little longer the light is with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you: he who walks in darkness does not know where he is going.”

Bulacan Escapade

                        Quality over quantity.

I thought that my whole peer group will join on our party prepared for Alex on their house at Bulacan. But out of 15 members of our tropa, 5 of us appeared on our meet-up place at Cubao Station at exactly 9 am.

It is not sunny, nor rainy, the weather is not fine. But this weather had not stopped us from going to the birthday celebration of one of tropa’s muses.

We are only five who showed up on our agreement but that doesn’t ever frustrate us. We are tough persons and we know quality is still over from quantity.

We leave Manila by a Suv Express which ran from Cubao to Pulilan. Yes, we are going to Pulilan and this is our escapade.

Every pace of the tires on the cement paves a new view outside. From the highly- modernized to a serene and green province landscape of the central plain.

As we alight from the shuttle, rush of fresh oxygen entered our lungs and it’s an extraordinary experience. It’s entirely different from the highly-intoxicating air of the metropolitan where we came from.

We rode on a jeepney toward the landmark given to us.

Inside, although we ride in a jeepney almost every day, the people of Bulacan made us feel like aliens. They are rarely different. I know that it’s an inexplicable difference but there is clear evidence that there is a minute gap made by a certain demarcation.

We met at Mcdo. In there, we found out that McSundae is served in better quantity on the same price. Afterwards, we buy the things we need for our food preparation in the nearest shopping mart.

We rode on a tricycle toward the very house of Alex. The vehicle is much smaller. The backseat can only accommodate a person.
Alex’s house is like a hidden place and that is definitely distant. Our travel from the town center to their house is relaxing but is quite long.

As soon as we got there, all that we can say are “ooh’s” and “aah’s”. We are indeed madly in love with the place.

The vast rice field coated with green grasses, the fresh air, the mountain series that serve as the horizon that separate the field from the sky, the trees, the hemp, the animals, the children, the road, the rice paddies, for us, everything are amazing.

Dianne, one of my friends, bought out her SLR to document the highly- infamous scene.

We started to prepare our food, we ate it and it made us full.

After our food settled in our stomach, we decided to walk through the paddies and it’s an adventure. We stayed under a nipa hut in the middle of the vast rice field.

When we come back to Alex’s house, we started the party. Having assembled the large speakers, disco light and a play list of vibrant party music, we had gone wild in the middle of the pace’s serenity.

Night had come and some of our peers need to go back to Manila. Meynard, Kelvin and I remained for a sleep-over.

It’s a night full of talks and chit- chattering. Our conversation wee filled with laughter, reminisces, and inspiration. But then, it’s also a night less of sleep, energy and power. And this is also the night I first encountered fireflies. The feeling is majestic.

We welcomed the twelve in the midnight with a prayer for the official entourage of Alex’s birthday. Sitting in the middle of the sala, after whispering our prayers and wishes for our friend, we sang to her the birthday song in a soft and mellow voice.

We slept at 2 in the morning and woke up at 6 with a coffee breakfast. We left at 9am as we bid goodbye to her and her family.

It is true; quality will always be over quantity. However how few we are who visited her on that special day; I can assure we had a quality time that is the most important thing of all.

Friday, December 27, 2013

All I want for Christmas

As much as I want not to be materialistic, but I really need to.
You will get what you wished for. Without wishing for something, you will not obtain anything. One could not get anything he/she never wished. It may happen but not at all times. There will always be a need to wish, so they will know what you will for.
That is why I’m bravely telling everybody what I want for Christmas.
I want a new 4 GB memory card for my phone.
I want a planner for the next year.
I want a phablet (phone + tablet).
I want a new head phones.
I want some new pairs of clothes.
I want more money.
That’s all I want for Christmas. I may sound so demanding but seriously, I madly need all these stuffs.
I want the memory card so I can store up much more Christian songs. So I can hear his gospel music and I will be more saturated with His Spirit.
I want a planner so I can plan all my activities throughout the week and it will be easy for me to free my Sundays which is for God.
I want a phablet so I can have a bible application, I can watch videos, and I can get in touch with my church friends in the most modern way.
I want the head phones so that I can hear music and taped preaching every now and then.
I want to generate more clothes so that every Sunday, I will be much more presentable offering in front of Him.
I want more money, so I can bring back more of His blessings and provisions to me.

 It’s clear that all I want for Christmas is Him who’s celebrating His birthday on the date. I will a wished and may all of it be granted by the one who provides.

Achieving Far Beyond the Horizon

We can achieve many things but to achieve those stuffs far beyond the horizon requires discipline.
Lately, I was caught by an article on The Philippine Star’s business page entitled “Secrets of High- Achievers” penned by Francis Kong. As a student, it has been my desire to achieve a lot, to stand among hurdles and to acquire my most- coveted dream. Having read this article had given me further inspiration.
However how vast is his subject, he was able to come up with a certain conclusion and the secret kept by high- achievers in their closets is DISCIPLINE.
Discipline is such a big word. It has something to do with of how you got to control your ways and means and it’s a mere fact that it’s hard to resist our nature, to dictate our mannerisms, to change the stuffs we are used to and lastly, to act in a way that is not the real us. But in order to achieve things far beyond the horizon, we must have the discipline that high-achievers first achieved before anything else.
According to him, there are five aspects in life that is needed to be scolded and get disciplined. First, we must be wary of our time management. Second, be critical on our thoughts and of the words we are spewing out. Third, be strong in terms of showing moods and emotions. Fourth, be able to manage our finances. And last, be objective in terms of our work.

To imbibe discipline in our nature could be a hard stuff but with a dedicated heart to hit the bull’s eye straight to the target, to insert the thread in the finest needle hole, to achieve our goals that are way far beyond the horizon, one must undertake anything for the betterment of himself and of his own career.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Politics: Filthy?

The quality of politics determines the quality of our lives. To indicate whether the state of politics is dirty, we can take a closer look of how efficient our lives are. This is because politics affect almost every aspect of our living.
In general, it is really good. Here in the Philippines where the power is in the people, the government and the mass are greatly governed by a strong constitution, democracy has a stronghold on the republic, the system of politics in the country is really fine compared to other countries, especially the communists and of those in dictatorship. We are blessed of having the political freedom evenly distributed on every Filipinos, power is greatly shared by everyone, and the authority is not merely on the government that rules, but on the hands of the millions of people who comprised it.
But why is it we can never say we have the quality of life like those countries in the First World if we have a fine quality of politics? Anomalies, grievances toward inefficient services, scams, crises, and corruption are still evident. Is politics really good or indeed a filthy game?
Politics in a sense is good. Without the type of politics we have now, what can be our society look like? Leaders and followers are indistinguishable, all of us will be a ruler of our own empire, and that’s pandemonium. We have one of the freest societies in the world and this is because of the cradle that swings us… and this is the political freedom given by democracy. This is the same freedom that gives the right for everybody to participate on any political and social matters.
This freedom could also be the cause of the dirt that stained the culture of our politics. Because of independence, everyone has the power to engage, to participate, and to climb up to rule, to be dominant in this vast jungle. They do everything to dominate, to be wealthier, to uplift their status, to gain popularity and that makes politics dirty.
It is all because of the people, the political animals.
But this not excludes the wider public of the democratic country. It is not all about the crooks, and of those who are in the crown, the politicians, who made the politics in the nation in the country half-neat and half-dirty, many people may have disengage themselves and neglect the fact that they are part of the jungle.
The main reason why politicians, or those in power, make things like those stuffs is that they see their people do not have the immediate means to stop them. They are confident to make things unlawful or manipulate things to make it look more legal, brainwash them because they see them incompetent and irresponsible in watching over them, in securing their right as a citizen.
We are in a democratic set-up and the people are ought to secure themselves because they have the duty, aside from anyone, to govern their own society. If the people will continuously be unaware of their obligation as a politician of the country, those in position will have plenty of time to think of ways to mislead us.
Indeed, it is the people who made our politics filthy. Sadly, it had been the nature of politics, even how good or fine, it has no firm shape. Its structure depends on the people participating on it. And in the country, as long as the people will get unawake, politics’ dirt will soon be a culture and will be as messy as it is.
The only way to clean up is to identify the people behind it. Remember that it is not only the authority because the mass has greater power on it. Let them reassess their duty as a politician of the political country. And lastly, clean them up.

Cleaning up the dirt is not a big problem but identifying where the dirt is, is a gigantic dilemma. It is actually we; the public that must ensure the government’s doing their job right and appropriate. Without such, we reap the consequences of our failure to do our job as a political animal of the society.

What to Renew on the Incoming New Year

The midnight where we are ought to end the old things and restart with something new. Indeed, it is just a matter of seconds as 2013 leaves out and 2014 replace it in return. But this momentous gap signals the coming of the fresher, the newer, and the better. As we welcome the new year that will come. I must have prepared the things to renew, to change, and to start up. Here is my New Year’s resolution.

1.    I want to re-establish my relationship to God. I want to come back to the heart of worship, to go back to my Father and to live a life committed to Him. I want to return to the place where I started, continue the life I had left. I will come back.
2.    I want to be a more dedicated student. I will study harder and will manage my time more efficiently. I will never cram.
3.    I will be more frugal. I will now save money. That’s serious.
4.    I will be more organize. I will start up with a new planner. Please give me a planner to anyone who reads this.
5.    I will be a more mature person. I will not act childish anymore.
6.    I will win souls and make disciples. I will be a leader of 12.
7.    I will find an extra work to lighten my family’s burden on my finances.
8.    I will be more health-conscious.
9.    I will be more updated with my blog.
10.  I will never be a geek.

These set of resolutions are somewhat the same on what I have before 2013’s entourage but I failed on achieving and fulfilling on it all. But I hope that 2014 will never be the same.

The Calvary of Making a Video Documentary

A pre-requisite on our Communication, Society, and Development Course with Mr. Felix Cabahug is the production of a case study to be presented in the form of an audio- visual presentation (AVP). I know that it’s a good training ground for me but still, it is a calvary. A calvary every communication student must undergo.
Calvary #1 Conceptualizing Ideas
The topic given to us is all about family communication and it is very broad. Our group goes through a series of argumentation and debate before we came up to a firm concept.
Calvary #2 Arranging ideas and planning the flow of the Video documentary
After having a firm concept, we are, in that moment, in dire need to plan of how we will present it. Having the solidity of concept to tackle, we must ground it into pieces to have an in-depth and critical analysis. We drafted an imaginary dummy, just like weaving the film strips in our mind.
Calvary#3 Searching for the informants to interview.
To look for a dysfunctional family, a teenage mom, a homosexual that is open to confess his/her everything and many other more sensitive subjects is really hard, more in talking to them over sensitive matters.
Calvary #4 The Greatest Hurdle… editing the movie
From importing all the required clips to windows movie maker, uploading and downloading, adding audio effects, titles and subtitles, effects and transitions and repeating this all from the very start either because the computer hanged up, compatibility error, and etc. in the history of doing this, we repeated it for over seven times or more.
Calvary #5 Saving the Movie
 It’s a very big file and merely impossible to be save. The scarcity of USB and abundance of virus piled up with our dilemma.
Calvary #6
We cannot please everybody and on the day of presentation, it is indeed an epic fail. And that’s the worst calvary.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Cheers to the Abolition of Pork Barrel

Pork barrel is now null and void, as if it never existed. But still, the damage has been done. Millions of money from the country’s chest was lost. Millions of people have suffered because millions of bills were placed in the pocket of the few.

Not all lawmakers have done something anomalous but no matter how pure their hearts are on the stuff, it is now illegal, and no one could violate it.

 Scholarships, infrastructure projects, life insurance, and different assistance are just some of the projects that are going to be stopped because of the court’s decision.

 This decision could be favorable for many but it is not for those beneficiaries.

The government had put a much proper way to ease this thing. The lawmakers can still pursue their social works and beneficiaries can attain their assistance but not through PDAF.

As what is stated in our constitution, they can just only make a law or a place for those stuffs in the process of budget allocation and just let the President, the executives, on his jurisdiction, to veto or accept the proposed projects. This is more constitutionally-based and proper.

Money is the root of all evil. And it’s a delicate topic. The Supreme Court’s decision is fine as if uprooting the root of the ever-flowering graft and corruption. Helping as you wish could make you think of many ways. If there’s a will, there’s a way. There will always be much more legal things to do in order to serve the public you are ought to.

Star inside a Gold

 There is a star inside a gold
There is a star after we brawled,
Stardom is not only for those we look up to
Stargazers can have their luster shining brilliant too.

It is not always for those who are older,
For the experienced and for the bolder,
Freshmen can defeat and win atop them too
Because the hottest stars is in the shade of blue.

Jeremiah, Ace, Meynard of BAJ 1-1D clan
Outshone the pulchritude of Betelgeuse and of the Sun,
Among the constellations and galaxies that battled
Three minute stars got to outlive and outlasted.

There will always be a time for the younger generation
To win a quiz bee about general information,
Age is not a ruler of our might and intelligence,
And is not a connotation of automatic prevalence.

We can win, we can prevail
We can afford, we can avail.
But we need the confidence and esteem of brilliant stars
Thus, we need to come out of the restrictions of our self-made bars.

We overcome the bars we have inside of us
And now, we won and it made a blast,
Freshmen can have their luster twinkle bold
Altogether, we can have the star inside the gold.

I’m a Communicator

Communication is powerful. It was said that it is one of the most powerful weapon given by God. As a human that was gifted by the exhilarating power of communication, we are blessed to learn, to share, to express, to survive and to influence.
We are humans, and we are born as a natural communicator. And this gift is not just a certain skill or just a mere ability but a power. In this vast jungle, not all could be dominant, not all could devour, and others must be a subordinate, an underdog.
Like special powers from those known superheroes and even the villain ones, communication can lift, can do impossible things, can move things, can make changes and can create.
The power is gigantic that not everyone can afford to take hold of it. It can bring life, inspiration, confidence to a person, but if a person, careless of his thoughts, not thinking of how great damage he can do with the stuffs he communicated, can destroy life, hopes and aspirations.
Communication, like any other art and sciences, is not just a simple thing. It has its own intricacy and complexity. Many can think that they can communicate since they are doing it since they are born. That misconception could be the root of all misconceptions.

Communication may look like a simple stuff for many but the art of communication is not just something we can learn as we grow or as we do such thing. It is because genuine communication requires deep study being an essential skill to hone.

All can communicate but not everyone can communicate that fine. This is because fine communication requires many things, and all of these requirements can only be learn from taking a deeper perspective and study of it from all angles.

Disregarding the thought that communication is a stuff we naturally learn could probably erase all misconceptions.

God had never given us things that we never need. And communication as one of his special gift is a need and an essentiality in life.

Since it is essential, our body itself seeks to do such things.

We communicate because our body needs it, our deepest desires wants it. An urge from inside pushes us to communicate, communicate and communicate.

Intentional or unintentionally, we will communicate because it is part of our inner self.

To survive in this jungle, to have some companion, to win, to have power, to gain, to supply our needs, we will communicate to give satisfaction to the things we want.

To satisfy our ego, to feed our hunger, to catch people… all the things we desire, could not be got, without communication.

Due to this great need to communicate, we will never stop doing such things, it is eternal. As eternal if I’m going to enlist all the reasons why we communicate.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Interview to a Teenage Mom

A course requirement ordered by Mr. Felix Cabahug for our Communication, Society and Development Class is an audio-visual presentation (AVP). Our group is tasked to feature the consequences of becoming a family under a quick-changing society and of how to make communication healthy for a family.
 For this task, I decided to interview a teenager mother so as to clearly show how hard for a youth like us to build a family under the constraint of the society.
On my search for an informant, I found a new neighbor of ours in Valenzuela. She is Nenette Padoc, 17, the second wife of Robin Butardo, a childhood friend of mine.
Nenette gave birth recently and now her baby is still an infant. In an early age, it has been a challenge for her to rear a child.
When I asked her to compare her life then that she has no burden and now that she has a husband and a child, she told me that it is entirely different. She missed her friends and princess-type of living she has before.
She had passed through a lot of struggles, one of which is on the 9 months of carrying the baby and the criticisms she has gained from the society. But all of this was faded away every time she sees her baby that serves as her strength and the reason for keeping on track.
She also shared to me her plans for her child. She plans to work to help her spouse. She promises that she would not let her child to have the destiny she has been.
She confessed that she has a lot of regrets. But however the words she hears from others, she kept herself strong for her child.
This lady is just an equal age of mine. But I confessed that she had her thoughts more deeply than I, her thinking is inappropriate for her age.
I hope for the betterment of her and her child. And as she goes on with the life being a mother and wife, may her life prosper and may God let her see the things He prepares for her.