Friday, February 28, 2014

Computer games, threat for the future?

There is no minute that slots on computer rentals and café are vacated. I an n dire need to finish my home work. The place was filled with students that instead of entering the gates of wisdom and occupy their respective seats in the academe are molding and sharpening their expertise on different skills laid by games on computer arcades. Are these cyber sports considerably a threat for the future of the fair hope of our fatherland?
Most f the students nowadays will better choose to enter computer shop not for learning inside its vast library but to surf and battle with their online foes. As a proof, many students are caught in the act, in their school uniform attire, standing by and waiting for their turn over a crowd of pupils desiring to showcase their wit and proficiency in e-games.
And also an important thing we must take our focus on is the depreciating quality of students toward academics but progressing level on cyber games. It is true that it slowly engulfs our youth intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Computer games truly supplies satisfaction and entertainment youth could not help to resist and we could not set aside the fact that the new generation would better choose it than to face the boring and stressful life of a student, getting worse because of hard-time reviews, making home works, reading books, etc.
The fulfillment generated from those technologies continues to devour the youth from the things which are much more important; things that are essential for the future, in building their dreams.
In short, addiction with these games serves as an attempting threat for the construction of our youth’s future. It seizes the attention of their young minds away from the things that they must focus their eyes on. And this must not happen.

The parents and the schools hopefully must see the threat coming close to their children. I hope that it is not yet too late to refocus and to bring back the sympathy and interest of the youth that we often connoted as the fulfillment of the country’s aspiration in the near future.

Automation 2013: Success or still an epic fail?

Amidst current reports on the altering of the election process from the use of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine last year to a much modern method by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), it made me think if the shift is timely and much cost- effective or is it better to stay and just improve on what we have now?
“It’s normal.” That was what SMARTMATIC, country’s supplier of PCOS machine, replied toward inquisitions brought by widespread glitches caused by the machine last May 13, 2013 midterm elections. It is considerably a déjà vu for most Filipinos to experience automation again and for the second time around was it perfect unlike before or still an epic failing?
Missing names in the voter’s list, PCOS breakdowns, switching of ballots, vote-buying, Board of Election Inspectors(BEI) Scare, widespread sabotage attempts and long queues brought by unexpected disruptions augmented by hot rays of summer causing grouches and disenfranchisement by few to exercise their right to suffrage.
It seems like everyone prodded automation, being one of the 10- point agenda of the former administration and paid by taxpayers by an amount of P 1.8 billion, as the main reason for our own difficulty in conducting this important ritual of democracy. “This must be the last time we will use that machine!” exclaimed by a private election watchdog.
But despite all of those hassles, COMELEC proudly says that the election last year was smooth. The Armed Forces of the Philippine (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP described it as “generally peaceful”, SmartMatic says “its normal”, and even PNoy express his own appreciation for his wonderful election experience. The National Government thinks optimistic with this advancement and we could seemingly notice in their eyes, it was and is really better than before.
Development and change, these are what our leaders dream for having an automated election. Though it requires effort, money, and dedication, the commission pushes it through for they believe that this is what the country need and of what time requires. A change that will stretch us out of our limitations, will ring us out of the traditional and moreover, will reward us the success we could never get from the manual method.
Dramatical change, this is what we really experiences. A change that requires a process in a span of time, a process we can never obtain in just a blink. What SmartMatic had said is true, “It’s normal”. Having glitches are part of that change. If I’m going to decide whether to alter it or not, I bet to stick with what we have now and just improve it.

Failures are part of this walk, stepping stones toward perfection. I believe that we are on our way towards it.

The Idiot Box

Why the television is that addicting? Why entertainment is that enthusing? Why this idiot box making me this stupid?
It has been a year when I had successfully abstained from that stuff but as my father brought home a new box to get addicted to, I easily got hooked and currently getting crazy over the idiot.
Informative morning talk show, the news programs, the endless cartoon and anime I had already watched way back childhood, noontime variety show, afternoon dramas, koreanovelas, evening news, movie telecast, PBA, and up to the late night shows of those freakin’ host; I think that I can stay in front of our TV all day and all night long.
The idiot box has this effective tactics to hook its viewers, to cling a string on everyone, making it hard for us to withdraw, to stay away, and to turn it off. Truly, this made us stupid.
I can no more focus on my assignments and tasks, I fail to update my blog , it made me feel lazy and it dwindled my appetite on going to school, I can’t even finish the novel I’m reading. Oh TV! Why you do this to me?
But however, the power is still in my hands. It is just easy to lift the remote control and push the “turn-off” button. But it takes a stronger spirit to overpower the will of the flesh.
I am not an idiot and I must not dwell 24 hours in front of that idiot box, well, that’s the fighting spirit.

A Short While

And now I’m all alone again, sitting here beside this messy mattress. I had been here before and it seems like a short while when the last time I sat in here. It was in that dry vacation, I wonder what college looks like and now, a semester is near on coming to an end; vacation is approaching. I’m here again, here beside the exact mattress, and yet, it had been a short while.
A brief span of time indeed but comprised myriads of memories, and I’m excited to unfold it all. It has been a tiring school year and as I get rid of the anxiety that I have been into inside couple of months of adventure, I am going to write this reflective review about my first year in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
It is pretty well different from what I had in high school, its way, way better. It was very unusual. I expected a lot but I have more than of what I assumed. I never thought before that college is that fun, great fun. I know those are weak adjectives (no understatement) and just couldn’t even reciprocate the real feeling I have inside. I couldn’t correlate much appropriate words to illustrate it right. I feel that I can produce a book just to narrate all of the most cherished substances and I will never get tired to tell it all.
I will write all the things I don’t want to forget. I want to draft again and again all the stuffs that I had encountered. I want to embed in this critically- written paper all the things that I can’t bring back, things that mark a certain significance in my life. I want to elucidate the even the minute articles that I had been through within the ten months. I desire to see them as a mirror the reflection of all the morals I had learned just to imbibe it in me. I am going to write this sort of memorabilia to materialize it all and I will write it now.
Freshman year is truly a short while, but PUP had given me the most worth while. As I come back on that side of my messy mattress, my mind get bombarded and is actually going to burst with colorful streaks of memories flashing back over and over. With the messy mattress, I will lie comfortably and with my pen and paper, I will write to let those streaks free. I know it will not take a short while.

Four Days is A-OK

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had issued a recommendation on making the six days of school into four to ease traffic in Manila.
As a student, reduction of school days will always be ok but looking the stuff in its deeper perspective, the subtraction will cause multiple effects on different members of the society.
For us students, it will definitely give us extra days to rest and to get engaged with our other tasks and priorities, such as family, church and even to the community.
Our parents could have lesser burden on giving us allowances, one thing that is our disadvantage.
But on the other side, the roads may have been better being not congested by students who primarily consist the thoroughfares during schooldays. However, drivers of public utilities and mass transport may have lower income in that effect.
Professors and instructors may have also formulate adjustments on their teaching strategems adaptable for a shorter period of time.
 Student’s competency and learning may not be sacrificed that much but still, I don’t see the reduction of school days as the best solution for heavy traffic in the Metro.

Diminishing commuters could ease traffic congestion for some days but not the whole week. A firm and long-lasting solution could be the key to complete eradication of traffic and could give definite convenience to all.

Sa Likod ng Bawat Kaalipinan ng isang Lider (A review on a program aired on January 17,2014 by TED Radio)

Tunay na ang pamumuno ay isang pribilehiyo. Ito ay nagbibigay ng kapangyarihan at katungkulan na panghawakan ang mga bagay-bagay na iilan lamang ang pinagpalang nabibiyayaan. Ngunit sa likod ng tayog ng lipad ng bawat naatasan ay isang uri ng kaalipinang patuloy na pinagdudusahan.
Tinalakay sa programang TED Radio mula sa NPR sa pamamagitan ng tagapagdaloy na si Raz ang kaalipinan ng pamumuno: ang mga sagabal, mga pagkakamaling nagagawa at ang kanilang mga natututunan sa gawaing ito.
Ang  programa ay uminog sa uri ng pamumuno na ipinamalas at ang mga paghihirap na dinanas ni General Stanley McChrystal, isa sa pinakamataas na pinuno ng militar ng Estados Unidos na nakadestino sa Afghanistan bilang International Security Assistance para sa naturang bansa.
Ang nasabing heneral ay nasangkot sa isang kontrobersyang lumikha ng pambansang isyu nang mailimbag ang kanyang pangalan sa isang sikat na kolum na “Rolling Stones” sa panulat ng isang mamamahayag na si Michael Hastings.
Nakasama ng tropa ni McChrystal si Hastings habang ginagawa ng nasabing mamamahayag ang isang lathalain ukol sa kanya. Ngunit sa di inaasahang pagkakataon, sila ay nakulong sa Paris dulot ng pagputok ng Bulkang Eyjafjallajökull noong taong 2010.
Nakasama ng grupo ang manunulat nang sila’y makarating hanggang sa Berlin tungo sa Afghanistan.
Sa lathalaing inaakala niya’y magi-imprenta ng mga positibong komento, siya’y napatigagal nang ilabas ng mamamahayag ang isang biruan na hindi na dapat pang inilabas at palawigin upang maging isang nasyunal isyu.
Nairekord diumano ni Hasting ang biruang usapan ng tropang militar ni McChrystal ukol kay Bise-Presidente Biden. Tahasan ring sinabi sa kolum na ang kanyang pamumuno ay nagtutulak sa isang giyera na kaiba sa takbuhing ninanais ng pamahalaan.
Tinawag ng mamamahayag na “Runaway General” si Stan.
Matapos ang pagputok ng nasabing kontrobersya, naiwan kay McChrysler ang desisyon na ipaglaban o hindi ang katotohanan. Subalit ang lahat ay nauwi sa pagtanggap ni President Barack Obama sa pagbibitiw ng heneral.
Ang pagbibitiw sa pwesto ay maituturing bilang isa sa pinakamatinding dagok na maaaring kaharapin ng bawat pinuno. Oo, ito’y mahirap, ngunit sabi nga ng heneral, marahil ang pagbibitiw ang isa rin naman sa pinakamagandang desisyon na nararapat gawin.
Para sa heneral, ang pamumuno, higit sa posisyon, ay koneksyon. Inamin nito kung gaano siya naging totoo sa kanyang mga pinamumunuan at kung sa papaanong paraan ay naging totoo ang mga ito sa kanya.
Ang heneral ay napalaki sa paniniwalang ang isang pinuno ay malakas, matalino, matapang at may malakas na pananampalataya. Hindi siya naniniwala na magagawa ng isang tunay na pinuno na magsinungaling, manloko, magnakaw, o ang mang-iwan ng kasamahan.
Ang kanyang mga batang karanasan sa militar, kasama ang kanyang maituturing na personal na mentor na si Lieutenant Chrysler, ang mga nagturo sa kanya na makakaya nang isang pinuno na hayaan kang lumubog at madusta, ngunit di kailanman na hayaan kang maging isang kamalian o kalugmukan.
Ang mga karanasang kanyang pinagsaluhan kasama ang tinyente ang humubog sa kanyang pagkatao bilang isang lider at nanatiling modelo na kanyang tinitingala ang lieutenant bilang isang halimbawang karapat-dapat gayahin.
Ang pagpasok sa karera ng pamumuno ay may katumbas na araw-araw na pagkabigo, sabi nga ng heneral. Ngunit sa gitna ng mga kabiguang ito ay ang katotohanang ang pamumuno’y may mas nakahihigit na magagandang bunga na naitatamasa kaysa sa mga kahirapang maaaring maranasan.
Ito ay dahil sa ang tunay na pamumuno ay ang impluwensiya na iyong naaambag sa puso at isipan ng iyong mga miyembro. Kung kaya’t maging gaano man kahirap ang mga landasing tatahakin ay makakaya at mapagpupunyagian dahil sa bigkis na nagbuklod sa iyo at sa iyong miyembro tungo sa pagkakamit ng anumang mithiin.
At ang mithiin ay di lamang mithiin ng iisa, partikular na ng sa  pinuno, kung hindi ay isang pangkalahatang mithi at pangkabuuang pagpupunyagi. Patuloy siyang naniniwala na sa mas malawak na paikisangkot ng miyembro, mas lumalakas at dumadami ang mga kinatawan ng pagbabago.
Ang metodo ng pamumunong ginamit ni Stanley ay nakapokus sa kung gaano kahalaga ang ginagampanang papel ng mga miyembro sa isang organisasyon. Siya ay kritikal sa pagbuo ng maayos na relasyon sa kanyang pinamumunuan.
Naninwala siya na ang kagalingan ng pinuno ay di nakabase sa kanyang pagiging wasto at tama, kung hindi ay sa pagiging mapagpakumbaba upang makinig at matuto mula sa kanyang miyembro.
Sa pagkakaroon ng matibay na relasyon, ang isang lider ay makakagarantiya ng lakas ng loob na sa oras ng kanyang kahinaan ay may magtatayo sa kanya sa kung paanong paraan nakasisiguro ang kanyang pinamumunuan sa kanyang pag-agapay.
Sa kabila ng hirap na dinanas ng heneral sa kontrobersiyang hinarap, nagawa nitong makita ang mga magagandang implikasyon ng kabiguan- at ito ay ang pagpapatibay sa kanyang loob bilang isang lider at pagpapaunlad rin naman ng kanyang pagkatao.
Anu’t-ano pa man, ang pagkawala ng posisyon sa kanya ay di niya kailanman paghihinayangan sapagkat naniniwala siya na ang pamumuno ng kanyang pagkatao sa kanyang mga naging miyembro ay mananatili sa kung paanong paraan nananatili ang pamumuno sa kanyang buhay n glider na nagturo sa kanya ng lahat ng ito.

Ang kaalipinan ng isang lider ay tunay na nakapanlulumo ngunit ang mga bungang idinudulot nito ay sapat ng gantimpala sa may tunay na puso na nakatuon sa paglilingkod.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentines is Valiant Times

It takes valiance for her to know what he really feels.
I know that this night before Valentine’s Day is not an ordinary night. I am assured that this night will be a night full of love, glittering with sparks as a friend of mine, out of vanity, and with whole valiance will express how deep he loved my other friend.
A week before, Kelvin and I agreed with a plan that I would help him on this matter and support him. It already seemed like I’m going to be a Cupid this Valentine.
But my friend was really indecisive with this plan. He’s like a tossing leaf easily blown by the wind to and fro. He got on fire for some time but the flame easily ceases. As his Cupid, I’m always there beside him to rekindle it and to keep it ablaze.
From the planning of the gimmick we’re got to do, to the shopping of materials needed in the mall, calling for help from our other peers and until the night we’re got to execute it all, he’s that faithless of what Alex got to react but I’m the Cupid to boost his confidence.
February 13, 3014- this is the eve of the day of hearts and this is the night we are all waiting for and our subject is still mindless and clueless on the surprise we’ve prepared for her.
After the all-day long activity we have engaged with, the time had come for us to carry out our plan. We brought Alex to the lagoon as planned and in that moment sparks were preparing to fly.
We are welcomed by cardboards containing letters spelling out “love you Alex”. Kelvin suddenly came out holding the missing piece of the message, which is “I”, together with pieces of stuffs like flowers and that self-made graham cake. The mob get converged in that place in PUP and got wilder. Kelvin, obviously nervous on what to do next, closed with a heartfelt message to her love.

Truly, love filled the atmosphere, it is in the air. But everything would be impossible without the valiant man who fight against katorpehan, show off boldly his love and made this valentines a valiant time to be heard.

The oPRESSed Work

This week we are tasked to come up with our own 4- page newspaper, an activity we are going to get engaged with, probably, after college. Press work, it will be my second time to be prodded as the lay-out artist for a newspaper. And for the second time around, I feel so excited but tensioned because of time pressure.
Unlike the actual newspaper publishing, we are given ample yet strict deadline instead of the 24-hour work in professional media. One week is quite long but still short because of other priorities given by those ‘pa-major’ subjects.
As a student, this requirement is not just the sole activity we are going to accomplish. Actually, it just occupied a small piece of our college life.
As usual, we are going to cram on this one.
Making this project made me imagine of how hard it is to make an issue of a newspaper prompted me to wonder of how media publications issue quality papers every day. I can’t imagine of what sort of abracadabra its beat reporters had declaimed just to gather and write the content, of how its editors get paranoid on seeing their dummy sheet still half- fulfilled.
Newspaper is indeed a product of sweat and stress of every person behind it. Broadsheets and tabloids are the fruit of sleepless night and demanding days in order to just to produce an excellent paper delivered before our doors.

This training given to us is just a short glimpse on our future, a slight overview on the tomorrow that awaits us. And this is the oppressive work of the press people.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Day, there is a dreamer

One day, there is a dreamer. He had dreamed to showcase his talent in front of the world. He had aimed to learn a skill different from the trend of the country he inhabited. He dreamed a dream extraordinaire for a Filipino youth.
Michael Christian Martinez, 17 could be the greatest dreamer as he competed alone in a sport like figure skating, a sport unusual for a Southeast Asian people.
In spite of lack in resources, in financial support and in help from the government, Martinez pursued a dream to glare and sway above an ice- skating rink that served as a stadium for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
Having not bagged the gold from the tilt, Martinez was still renowned as the first Southeast Asia Figure skater in the Winter Olympics and was also cited by CNN and other world- based media organization as an “unlikely competitor from a country without snow”.
What Martinez had shown was what every Filipino youth must exhibit. And this is to dream high and to dream extraordinaire. Dreaming big for nothing is yet impossible. All Martinez’s goal was to set his foot on a world competition. He may not have won but the 19th place is not bad for a dreamer.
photo credits of 

Martinez is indeed a figure not just in skating but for every youth that before he caught the world’s attention, one day, there is a dreamer.

Friday, February 21, 2014

 This is my second time to lay-out a newspaper for a project and i am glad that for the second time around, it seemed that i developed well....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

PUP commenced its Mabini Media Awards Awarding rites brimmed with stars by Marc Ace Palaganas

In commemoration of Gat Apolinario Mabini's 150th Birth year, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines through its College of Communication held on February 13, 2014 (yesterday) the first ever PUP Mabini Awards at PUP Bulwagang Balagtas.

The premier university's foremost award-giving body for media was said to be the "most exciting" and could be the "most prestigious" as it features the best networks, best media practitioners, best programs in television, radio, print, online and in advertising, said Dr. Edna T. Bernabe, the college dean.

The Awarding ceremony brimmed with stars from different media as they receive the trophy of recognition for their professionalism on communication and to serve as an inspiration for the rest of communication students that filled the crowd.

42 categories within five media, the winners are as follows.

PUP Mabini Awards for Radio:

Best Radio News Program : Gising Pilipinas!- DZMM
Best Radio Public Service Program: Aksyon Ngayon- DZMM
Best Radio News Commentary Program: Dos Por Dos- DZMM
Best News Program Host: Ricky Rosales
Best Public Service Program Host: Julius Babao
Best Radio News Commentary Program Host: Anthony Taberna
Best FM Radio Program: True Love Conversation (TLC)- 90.7 Love Radio
Best Male Radio Jock: Papa Jack- 90.7 Love Radio
Best Female Radio Jock: Nicole Hyala- 90.7 Love Radio
AM Radio Station of the Year: DZMM- ABS-CBN
FM Radio Station of the Year: 90.7 Love Radio- Manila Broadcasting Company

PUP Mabini Awards for Print:

Best Broadsheet Newspaper: MANILA BULLETIN
Best Tabloid Newspaper: Pilipino Star Ngayon
Best Entertainment Magazine: Yes Magazine- Summit Media
Best Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine: Candy Magazine- Summit Media

PUP Mabini Awards for Print:

Best Blog: Pinoy Mom Blogger
Best Online News Portal:
Best Social Network: Facebook
Best Search Engine:

PUP Mabini Awards for Advertising:

Best Inspirational Advertisement: Hurray for Today- McDonald's
Best Family- Oriented Advertisement: Kuya- McDonald's
Best Advocacy Campaign: Choose Philippines- ABS-CBN

PUP Mabini Awards for Television: (News and Public Affairs)

Best Television News Program: TV Patrol- ABS-CBN
Best Television Magazine Program: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho- GMA
Best Television Public Service Program: Wish Ko Lang- GMA
Best Television Public Affairs Program: Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO)- ABS-CBN
Best Television Documentary Program: I Witness- GMA
Best Television Morning Program: Umagang Kay Ganda- ABS- CBN
Best Television Male News Anchor: Ted Failon of TV Patrol- ABS-CBN
Best Television Female News Anchor: Jessica Soho of State of the Nation- GMA News TV
Best Television Male News Reporter: Jay Taruc- GMA News TV
Best Television Female News Reporter: Gretchen Malalad- ABS-CBN
Best Television Magazine Program Host: Jessica Soho of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho- GMA
Best Television Public Affairs Program Host: Mel Tiangco of Power House- GMA News TV

PUP Mabini Awards for Television: (Entertainment)

Best Television Drama Program: Be Careful with My Heart- ABS-CBN
Best Television Comedy Program: Bubble Gang- GMA
Best Television Variety Program: Eat Bulaga- GMA and Tape
Best Television Educational Program: Matanglawin- ABS-CBN
Best Television Entertainment Talk Program: Gandang Gabi, Vice- ABS-CBN
Best Television Reality Program: Pilipinas Got Talent- ABS-CBN

PUP Mabini Awards Station of the Year: ABS-CBN

Dr. Emanuel De Guzman graced the awarding of the commemorative trophy to the winners together with his vice presidents.

The mob was joined by famous personalities such as: Atty. Regie Tongol of UNTV, Anthony Taberna (who gave a talk on Radio as Legacy Media vs. New Media), Papa Jack, Nicole Hyala, Chris Tsuper,Kristine Dera, Diego Bandido,Shai Tisai and Raqi Terra, Ricky Rosales of DZMM, Betong Sumaya and Diego Llorico of Bubble Gang, Bernadette Sembrano and Winnie Cordero of Umagang Kay Ganda, Jay Taruc, and Mel Tiangco, Janella Salvador, Jerome Ponce, Marlo Mortel from Be Careful with my Heart, Kuya Kim of Matanglawin, Anjo Yllana and Ryzza Mae Dizon of Eat Bulaga and Ted Failon who gave the longest acceptance speech in the event.

The dean with Dr. Racidon Bernarte, chairman of this year's affair noted that the event first came up from the minds of select 4th year Broadcast Communications Students way back in 2009.

The selection of winners came from the voice of some 12, 436 students of PUP who voted by their Student Information System (SIS) account.

The dean assured the accuracy of the result of the online voting held from June 2012- 2013 for it is scientifically based through the help of the University's Information and Communication's Office.

The program coincided on the college's 3rd Young Communicator's Congress attended by Communication Students from its four departments namely: Journalism, Broadcast Communication, Research and Advertising and Public Relations.PUP Mabini Media Awards

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Life of a Blogger

I’m not obliged but my senses feel like one.
At first, I enter my blogging habit as a hobby. I just want to input all of my stressors, to spew out all of my bad feelings; I just used it as a portal to express my inner self.
But as days had passed, I never thought that this hobby would cling seriously into me just like of how alcohol fuse with those drunkard. I feel like I’m totally into it, it had been my devotion; it occupied a portion of my life.
From designing it based on my personal taste, posting my journal entries as my blog posts, sharing it to my different social network accounts to gain audience, reviewing statistics for my page views, thinking for another post, and updating from day to day. The life of a blogger is difficult but enthusing.
Seeing comments and satisfying feedbacks replace the burden of letter-by-letter entering of every thought to the computer. The audiences I’m not ought to create an invisible string with me; a string that kept me attached a string so inseparable, a string so intact.
The life of a blogger is not all about the burden and of my thoughts but the audience hooked, religiously reading my posts, little by little building up a sort of relationship, imbibing some sense on issues raised and tackled.
I had loved being a blogger. And as I trek this kind of life, though not obligated, will hold responsibility to the people I write for.

Without Something ‘Smart Casual’ in my Wardrobe

And the much awaited Young Communicator’s Congress and PUP Mabini Media Awards is on the 13th of February. Along with the excitement is the great rummage for what to wear, and it’s none other than… smart casual! Smart casual? What the hell is smart casual?
Is it something like a smart look with blemishes of casual look? My wardrobe is brimming with civilian, casual, formal, business-type, home get-ups and even night clothes, WTF is the fact that smart casual isn’t in my cabinet.
On my search in the web, smart casual is the mid-way between the civilian clothes and formal wear, or simply a combination of both. It could also be a shade lighter than formal or a tint heavier than our everyday get-ups.
The set of clothes for smart casual could be invented by those working girls and boys on their search for comfortable working clothes. And the fashion was well adapted on the not-so-formal gathering such as the event I am going to attend.
Some examples I have seen is the weird pairing off of a long-sleeve suit and the mainstream blue jeans, polo shirt topped with tuxedo along with black trousers and this weird sneakers.

In summation, smart casual is weird and I’m going to look weird on that Thursday affair, good luck to us!

An another Awakening

There are many things kept in his world as mysteries, but not all of those things must be hidden inside the clandestine, there are still many things we need to know.
Attending the forum entitled “A Forum on Peasant’s Rights and Continuous Struggle for Genuine Agrarian Reform” in commemoration of the 27th anniversary of the Mendiola Massacre is a real eye-opener.
The talk made by Cong. Carlos Isagani T. Zarate of Bayan Muna Party list awakened me from a deep slumber on how our peasants, who’s offering their sweat and even blood to have our rice ready to be eaten on our dining tables, suffer from serious human rights violation and abuse from the current government.
The bulging numerals laid on us are unambiguous evidence on how our peasants endure the calvary under the regime of Aquino, whose clan is known for the infamous repression of farmers in Hacienda Luisita.
I confessed that I had been stubbornly blind with the still existing oppression in spite of the “tuwid na daan” slogan imposed by the current administration.
Landlessness, minimal wage, huge payment to government and landlords for compensation, land conversion by foreign businessmen, death warrants which includes; massacre, extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, arrests and fabricated charges, neutralization and impunity. These are just some of the abused done by the government to farmers especially those who fight for equal rights.
I never thought that these systems are still occurring. I never thought that the straight path is not really upright. I never thought that in this age where people clamors for peace and equality, where corruption is in the limelight because of public outrage, where every thing seems to be all right. These things are still taking place. I am misled.

I thank purposively the PUP College of Law for the said affair and as I trek the path of being a journalist, I will bear in my mind the things that was imbibed to me, to not to be mislead by pretty word plays and superfluous language but to be inquisitive and skeptical on every facts that will be fed to me.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Immovable Rock

“When the world around you is crumbling… God is the rock on which you can stand.”
As I turn the pages of the Philippine Star, I was caught by this quote printed as footer in yellow block.
Not at all times, all things will work according to what we will and of what we want. There will always be some moment in our life that will test us, will measure us, and this is the time when all seems like fading and the world is like crumbling.
It had come a time in me that I think no one don’t really understand what I am suffering. Not my family because they don’t even know my situation. My friends, though like an open book, I reveal to them the dilemmas I am harboring, is still not enough to hook on in this moment of weakening.
It is true that when all else crumbles, there will always be an immovable rock waiting for us to seek him. A rock so steadfast and firm that had always been here, but I just ignored. A rock so intimate that however I ignore, it just stays there patiently waiting for me.
I seek to my friends, to my closest peers, to my mentors, to different people, but they all can’t help on the suffering I have.
After all, I had never found the joy in the midst of suffering from those people. But just like a caressing bliss, I heard a resounding voice shrilling in my heart.
“Seek me first and all this things shall be added unto you.”

“If you are faithless, I remain faithful; I cannot deny myself.”

Knowing their Perception about Me

As one of our requirement for our Human Communication Class with Prof Cherry Pebre, we made an article on self-concept about us. She asked us to post it as a status in Facebook and look out for the comments that will flood our wall.
My article “I am Perfect” may have just hooked 42 likes and gained 31 comments, not that I’m bragging.
My appealing title could be one of the factors that clutched the attention of most of my friends, church mates, former classmates, and even my mentors and personal relatives to read the entirety of my article.
I’m really overwhelmed on how these people responded on my status. Though I am really used with flood of comments, I never thought that this kilometric essay worth a score of such stuffs.
Generally, I believe that this essay had effect a certain impact on my readers in terms of their spiritual life. Based on my analysis, they are blessed and grateful enough on what they have read. I am, therefore, much grateful because I know that I had established a good testimony to all of these people.
I am confident that I had built a nice image in them, that I had imbibed something beautiful in their eyes in perception of me.
Aside from feedbacks concerning their agreeing on what I have written are some thoughts about my writings. I am not really great in writing compositions in the foreign language but their feedbacks make me believe like I am a real innate writer.
I had also see some bits of advices and that made me a lot more elated seeing concerned people saying such stuffs.
I just really commend this entire people that had called me as their idol. I don’t want to be a figure to be stared on and looked upon but a person to be imitated and get inspired.
The set of people that had paid time to write a comment on this status are commonly my church brothers and sisters, my closest high school friends, the network I had mentored before, my constituents when once I became the president of the student council.
This just show how many lives had been impacted by me. I love that all my efforts to gain this people was not set in vain. I know how these people look up to me and with an upright self-concept; I can take hold of them.

Resume to the Old Ways

When the new did not work out right, it’s better to resume to the old ways.
When I decided to quit my stay on the dormitory, I, therefore, have no choice but to go back to my old routine of coming to and going from school.
I need to go back to my daily routine when I’m starting my schooling at the university.
I must wake up again as early as 4 am, take a bath with dawn-cold water, travel from Valenzuela to Sta. Mesa, Manila almost every day, ride jeepneys again, travel over and alight the two line systems of the Light Rail Transit or LRT, pushed myself inside its solid-like spacing, walk over the sinister pavements of Recto and Pureza where I was once a victimized by robbery, and come to school already worn-out because of the kilometric travel.
I am not really used with this new routine but I need to get used to it no matter what.

I just thought that this is part of college and after the next four years of going to and fro the school, I am rest assured that all efforts are not in vain.

Uncurling the Warp

He could be inflexible but still malleable. An incurvature just clamors for a forcible thump to flatten its length.
Paulo Camino, 16, could not be the elected president of his class having not pounded the obliquity inhabiting his mentality. Without the life-changing experience that he had undergone, he may not be rectified, he may not have change, and he may not have grown.

The Curvature
It was just a mediocre day for Bachelor of Arts in Journalism 1-1D of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ College of Communication. There is no something extraordinaire in that bright, sunny morning of January 29 in the eyes of Paulo.
For him, it is just one of the unimportant, indifferent and tolerable days having no professor inside that dusty room, with his classmates chit-chattering, busy on everything.
This 16-year-old journalism student may have not already escaped the meadows of childhood. Like a giggling toddler, he is still frisky, playful that out of nowhere, an idea of going berserk, running amuck with friends alike sprung in his naughty and childish mind.

The Forcible Thump
The springy student from Antipolo lead his colleagues as they stroll their feet with frisk along the floor. Together, their appendages glided toward the corridor, plunging on every corner. They dash as far as they could until their soles reach the streets.
Their straddles gone wild… until they gone halted.
They stopped because they are not exhausted. They rest their feet, gasping every breath escaping out from theirs, not because they are tired.
Their jaws dropped. Their senses go numb. The clock stopped tickling. Their eyes widened as they stare on the fall of one of their colleagues.
Bystanders from the near tricycle terminal, a mob of passersby, and vendors from the nearby canteen were stunned on Paulo’s infamous fall. The busy pavement of Anonas St. paused for a while after the lively teen turn into a helpless kid as he lied back in the middle of the street after a tricycle bumped him instantaneously.

Uncurling the Warp
He fell unconsciously. It just happened.
Felix Cabahug, 40, though believes not guilty of reckless driving, know his responsibility for the welfare of this child. He fast awakened after the street paused for a couple of seconds. He carries the teen toward his three-wheeled vehicle and drives him all along the nearest hospital.
He broke his hand from the accident.
Because of the pity the driver had felt to the stranger he had struck, with kindred heart, he paid all the bills.
The student woke up finding his left hand crashed.

The Warp Erected
The news about the accident sporadically spread out the campus. It had been a lesson learned for every student in PUP to take an extra care so as to avoid alike accidents.
It had been a week before Paulo came back to school for his recovery. Though having the sling hanging in his left arm, he never let the incident to completely stop him from believing. It is not yet over for him.
“Magiging matino na ako,” Paulo vowed in front of his peers as he came back.
Days had passed and these four emblematic words reflected on Paulo. As soon as he full-recovered, his experience and his life became a living testimony of change.
He was elected as the new president of their class, a position he may not have attained without the transformation that had happened to him.
It is true, change must happen in life, for to live is to grow and to grow is to change.
For every incurvature, there will always be a blacksmith that has the tool to unravel it, to straighten our immaturities, to refine us like gold, and to be a better person. Paulo’s transformation may have just required a great scolding, a full-blown beating to occur.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Bias and the Truth­­

Whatever fed will be eaten, whatever they want to eat, will be fed.
Media has this fundamental role on developing the public opinion toward relevant matters that must be tackled. It also bore this power to shape this opinion on the way they wanted. They have supremacy over these stuffs, the superior control over the minds of the people.

It would not be an understatement if I would say that the role played by media in this society is entirely gigantic.

They have the power no other influential man could have done. The trust offered by the public to this networks show their weighty dependence when it comes on building their thoughts and opinion over public matters.

It is true, media has this potion to allure the people to believe on whatever they say, they do and they show.

That is why on the issue of Vhong Navarro and his scandal with Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo, everyone may have their own opinion but their opinion will always be held upon on what the news organization show it in their style.

One may have their slant in favor of Navarro, the other may focus the angle toward Cornejo’s, and one may show the story balance and unbiased.

And to choose who of the three delivered it right and unbleached, requires intelligent and critical analysis on their news presentation. We are not yet stupid on how to see it.

I therefore focus the solution to the viewers that after all, will give their verdict (though the subject not really important). I am hopeless that there’s a cure for the eradication of this so-called gate-keeping bias among media networks.

Media, after all, is a business. It was living and continuing by money from business sectors seeking influence and power, wishing to have scented fragrance over their names in front of the public by the use of this highly- influential media.

And this company’s commitment on their sponsors would include privileges that whatever mishaps that may happen will be defended and covered to the best the media can.

And the truth will always be sacrifice.